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All-in-one Solution to demonstrate Compliance

Delivering clients, irrespective of their size, industry, or jurisdiction, the complete capabilities of Enactia to optimize their potential and maintain compliance.

Compliance Assessments

Compliance Assessments

Monitor your Organization's compliance levels against multiple Laws, Frameworks and Standards (GDPR, PDPL, ISO 27001 and much more). Perform assessments throughout your organisation using a plethora of assessment templates tailored and applicable to multiple industries and jurisdictions.

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Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)

Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)

The Record of Processing Activities (RPA / ROPA) module to assist your business to meet requirements and beyond for multiple laws and frameworks. This is interconnected with other modules and allows the collaboration of multiple Enactia user roles.

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Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) for your Processes or Assets in a structured and methodical way. You can identify, assess and manage the impact of privacy and security risks via also establishing monitoring and risk mitigating activities.

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Data Subject / Consumer Requests

Data Subject / Consumer Requests

Never miss a deadline in handling a request from a data subject / consumer (DSRs). Coordinate your team efforts in addressing complex requests, identify and assess potential risks and stay ahead of any notification deadline towards the data subject / consumer.

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Incident & Data Breach Management

Incident & Data Breach Management

Supporting your organization analyze data breaches and other types of incidents, assess their risks and timely report such incidents to the appropriate Data Protection Authorities and other regulators, the respected third-parties or the affected individuals.

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Vendor & Third Party Management

Vendor & Third Party Management

You can efficiently maintain and manage relationships with your third-parties / vendors, assess their risk and monitor what impact will have on your business’s processes and assets along with the dependent functions and departments.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Map your Organization's Risk Management Methodology and monitor your risks via a centralised Enterprise Risk Management solution. Set your metrics and coordinate your team's efforts for risk mitigation. Monitor your risk flows and how an identified risk can affect your assets, processes and departmental total risk score.

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Ticketing & Task Management

Ticketing & Task Management

Coordinate your team's and Organization's efforts with Enactia's integrated Ticketing & Task Management solution. Allocate tasks to mitigate risks, to receive feedback on compliance matters, to request data protection consultation or even to timely handle data subject requests.

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Document Repository & Evidence Management

Document Repository & Evidence Management

Have all your supporting documents and evidence files gathered into a single document repository. You can upload documents in all modules of Enactia whether these are related to an assessment or audit as supporting evidence, DSRs, Task / Ticket, Vendor Contract or your corporate Policies and Procedures.

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Enabling your business

What Enactia can do for you?

Simplify your Governance, Risk and Compliance

# 1

Risk Reduction

Acknowledge and mitigate regulatory and reputational risks by gaining a transparent understanding of your deficiencies and establishing an appropriate control environment.

# 2

Process & Resources Optimization

Enhance efficiency and productivity by digitizing compliance and corproate governance processes, streamlining operations, and optimizing resource allocation.

# 3

Plethora of Cybersecurity & Data Protection Frameworks

Enactia provides a wide range of cybersecurity and data protection frameworks to choose from, offering comprehensive solutions for safeguarding your digital assets.

# 4

Know your Processes and Data

We support top companies in transforming their operations, offering them the means to gain full visibility into their processes and data, empowering them with valuable insights.


Cost reduction

Enhance quality and save up to 10 times the costs for implementing and continuously monitoring a data protection and cybersecurity governance program, all while saving valuable time.

# 6

Foster Collaboration

Promote collaboration among teams from various units and departments within your organization, delegating tasks, monitoring progress, and, importantly, consolidating information from these areas into a unified repository.

# 7

Demonstrate Compliance

Enable the presentation of top-tier evidence, organized and documented within a centralized platform, ensuring a comprehensive repository of information readily accessible for showcasing compliance.

# 8

Promote Accountability

By leveraging Enactia, organizations can promote accountability throughout their operations, empowering teams to take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities, ultimately fostering a culture of responsibility and trust.

Plug-n-Play solution suitable for small business to large enterprise

Sharing our Deep Expertise, Empowering Everyone with Simplicity

Designed by a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity and Data Protection

A holistic GRC solution to rule them all

An all-encompassing solution catering to various business roles, including DPO, CISO, RMO & CTO

A comprehensive, end-to-end software solution designed to guide and support your business throughout its journey towards achieving compliance

Comprehensive solutions for Information Security Management

Comprehensive solutions for Information Security Management

A key responsibility for a CISO is to provide guidance on your cybersecurity program on a strategic level. CISO's can monitor compliance with multiple regulations and frameworks, monitor and report incidents, maintain information asset register, perform risk assessments and monitor the information security posture of the Organization. Enactia can facilitate all these capabilities and ease the tasks performed by the CISO.

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Comprehensive solutions for Data Privacy Management

Comprehensive solutions for Data Privacy Management

Enactia's comprehensive Privacy Management and Governance capabilities make the day-to-day tasks of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) much simpler. Enactia offers automation, flexible solutions, and interoperability that a DPO needs to operationalize your organization's Privacy Management Program.

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Supporting your IT Governance Function

Supporting your IT Governance Function

Enactia helps you establish and maintain your Asset and Risk Register so you can easily monitor Risk Thresholds. You can also use Enactia to assess information security, data privacy, and other risks.

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Supporting your Risk Management Function

Supporting your Risk Management Function

Enactia helps you establish and maintain your Enterprise Risk Register so you can easily monitor Risk Thresholds. You can also use Enactia to assess risks and their remedy, define Risk Owners, risk indicators & thresholds.

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