Gaining Insight into Your Supply Chain and Addressing Potential Risks

Vendor & Third party Management

Enactia empowers your organization with the capability to oversee vendors engaged in the exchange of Personal Data. This entails gaining comprehensive insight into your vendor landscape, tracking the international transmission of personal data, and concurrently monitoring their Privacy Status. Furthermore, it facilitates the evaluation of your vendor's adherence to cybersecurity and privacy regulations through the execution of Vendor Risk Assessment and Due-Diligence processes. Enactia also provides valuable support through the provision of preconfigured Vendor Assessment templates that can be employed as-is, tailored to your specific needs, or even used as a foundation for creating your customized assessments.

Key features

We offer a robust set of resources for efficient supplier and vendor management, ensuring transparency in the interactions between departments and processes, enabling risk assessment, and facilitating proactive risk mitigation measures.

  • Maintaining a Detailed Repository of your Vendors
  • Establishing Correlations Between Your Processes and Assets with Vendors
  • Perform Vendor Risk Assessments & Due Dilligence online
  • Creating tickets and assigning tasks to your team members
  • Identify and categorize vendors by location and region
  • Vendor Ownership Assignment
  • Vendor Agreements Maintenance
  • Be aware of additional measures for safeguarding exchanged personal data (technical, organizational, and legal)
  • History of Assessments
  • Data Transfers Management
  • Trasnfer Impact Assessments (TIAs)
  • Manage Data Transfers
  • Unlimited Vendor Accounts
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Risk Management
  • Ready-to-use, customizable, or DIY Vendor Assessment templates
  • Vendor Certifications Maintenance

Module Highlights

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