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Ticketing & Task Management

Enactia offers a centralized repository for all identified, automatically generated, or manually added tasks. Tasks and tickets will enable you to have full visibility and stay on top of task deadlines or responses from ticket owners. You may also gain useful insights into which modules of the platform generate the most tasks, allowing you to delegate or reallocate tasks and further investigate the situation.

Key features

A robust ticketing system streamlines task allocation, promoting accountability and transparency. It enhances collaboration by providing a centralized platform for communication and information sharing among team members. This efficient workflow accelerates issue resolution and cultivates a culture of cross-functional cooperation within the business. In essence, a well-implemented ticketing system is essential for optimizing task management and fostering collaborative success.

  • Maintaining a detailed Repository of all tasks
  • Tasks linked to Assessments, Vendors, DPIAs, DSRs, Assets and Processes
  • Creating tickets and assigning tasks to your team members
  • Automated Notifications
  • Multiple Ticket Ownership Assignment
  • Closely monitore overdue tickets
  • Management Reporting and Analytics
  • Manage tasks and identify their source
  • Customize your ticketing functionality by creating bespoke fields to align with your operational requirements

Module Highlights

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