Enactia can help you transition into a new era. If you are currently managing your privacy tasks on spreadsheets and files, our specialists can accommodate the task of coming on board to the Enactia Platform. If you would like to find out more about this service please use the form below to contact us and an Enactia specialist will be in touch soon to discuss your onboarding needs.


If your business follows complex and unique processes then there may be a need to create a custom privacy assessment to fit your organization's workflow. Enactia's data privacy specialists can help you create a custom assessment on the platform. This assessment can be later copied and modified per your business needs. Contact us to find out more.


We offer data privacy management training and cloud platform training for those who wish to become experts in data privacy management. During the training we will get you acquainted with each GDPR principle and how your can utilize each module to provide assured compliance.


Privacy some time requires complex tasks and it may require some guidance in order to optimize your workflow. Enactia can help with additional supporting services, whether these are once off or ongoing. Tell us more about your business needs and an Enactia specialist will be in touch soon.

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