Clear risk oversight across Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Compliance

Enterprise Risk Management

Enactia streamlines the complexity of risk management by consolidating risks identified from various modules—such as Privacy, Cybersecurity, Vendor Assessments, DSRs, ROPAs, and DPIAs—into a central risk register. This integration facilitates easy oversight and management of all organizational risks, thereby establishing a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management framework. Enactia enhances risk visualization, offering Risk Professionals, CISOs, and DPOs clear insights into the origins and statuses of risks. Moreover, Enactia supports detailed risk reviews with source tracking, enables comprehensive data manipulation through filtering, grouping, and exporting features, and assists in tracking mitigation efforts with status updates, as well as related tasks or tickets. This ensures a robust and responsive risk management ecosystem.

Key features

In the pursuit of maintaining an acceptable risk level in your business according to management's risk appetite, the Enterprise Risk Management module incorporates several crucial features:

  • Risk Analytics and Visualization
  • Risk Assessments
  • Multiuser & Access Control
  • Timely Response and Notifications
  • Risk Rating Formula Customization
  • Defining Risk Scoring Methodology
  • ID Verification documents maintenance and Storage
  • Enterprise Risks Register
  • Consolidated Risk Register
  • Risk Scoring History
  • Ticketing and Tasks link to Risks
  • Assigning Risk Ownership
  • Defining Controls to Mitigate Risks
  • Extensive Control Catalogue
  • Defining Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Automated Departmental Risk Scoring Calculation
  • Overview of the Organization's Applied Controls

Module Highlights

Designed by experts in the field of Cybersecurity and Data Protection Governance

Plethora of Cybersecurity and Data Protection Frameworks and Regulations

Measure and Monitor your Compliance

GDPR, PDPL, PIDEDA, CCPA, DIFC, ADFG, UAE, Singapore, India DPDP Law, NIST, ISO 27001, and many more...