Supporting your Risk Management function

Risk Management Officer

Enactia GRC streamlines the establishment and maintenance of your Enterprise Risk Register, offering efficient monitoring of risk thresholds. With Enactia, you can assess and remediate risks, define Risk Owners, indicators, and thresholds. The platform accommodates various frameworks and allows the creation of a customized controls catalogue. Users can establish risk calculation methodologies and navigate the complete risk management lifecycle, ensuring proactive risk mitigation within defined thresholds. Enactia GRC is a flexible solution for comprehensive and user-friendly risk management.

Simplifying your Risk Management Program

Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness

Accountability and Trust

Accountability and Trust

Demonstrate accountability and build trust with your colleagues, partners and clients via automated dashboards, analytics, record-keeping requirements and audit trail to support your Governance program.

Dashboards and Analytics

Dashboards and Analytics

Gain insights and drill-down to valuable information regarding your business processes, assets, risks, vendor relationships and measure your conformity. Interactive and dynamic data visualization for you and your team.

Collaborative platform

Collaborative platform

Invite multiple member from your team to provide insights that will help you assess your Organization's conformity levels. Invite third-parties to access your platform and provide you with answers needs to fulfill vendor due diligence and risk assessment.

Proper Corporate Governance

Proper Corporate Governance

A centralised and unified solution to address your Governance practices in Cybersecurity, Data Protection and much more.

Addressing Privacy & Cybersecurity non-conformity risks

Addressing Privacy & Cybersecurity non-conformity risks

Non-conformity with privacy and cybersecurity frameworks poses legal and reputational risks. Enactia GRC streamlines compliance by unifying standards, identifying non-conformities, and implementing corrective actions, ensuring a resilient and secure business environment.

Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management

Assessing your Third-parties can be a challenging tasks. Enactia make things simpler with the Third-Party Risk Assessment capability. Assess and identify risks that may have a negative impact to your related processes, assets, departments and your overall business.

Maintain Supporting Evidence

Maintain Supporting Evidence

Link and maintain supporting evidence for demonstrating compliance with your legal and regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Map your Organization's Risk Management Methodology and monitor your risks via a centralised Enterprise Risk Management solution. Set your metrics and coordinate your team's efforts for risk management and risk mitigation.

Tasks Management and Reporting

Tasks Management and Reporting

Manual tasks are over. Associate tasks with Data Subject Requests, Compliance Assessments, Third-Party Management activities and much more.

Become a part of the top-tier businesses that rely on Enactia for demonstrating compliance

Enabling your business

What Enactia can do for you?

Simplify your Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance

# 1

Risk Reduction

Acknowledge and mitigate regulatory and reputational risks by gaining a transparent understanding of your deficiencies and establishing an appropriate control environment.

# 2

Process & Resources Optimization

Enhance efficiency and productivity by digitizing compliance and corproate governance processes, streamlining operations, and optimizing resource allocation.

# 3

Plethora of Cybersecurity & Data Protection Frameworks

Enactia provides a wide range of cybersecurity and data protection frameworks to choose from, offering comprehensive solutions for safeguarding your digital assets.

# 4

Know your Processes and Data

We support top companies in transforming their operations, offering them the means to gain full visibility into their processes and data, empowering them with valuable insights.


Cost reduction

Enhance quality and save up to 10 times the costs for implementing and continuously monitoring a data protection and cybersecurity governance program, all while saving valuable time.

# 6

Foster Collaboration

Promote collaboration among teams from various units and departments within your organization, delegating tasks, monitoring progress, and, importantly, consolidating information from these areas into a unified repository.

# 7

Demonstrate Compliance

Enable the presentation of top-tier evidence, organized and documented within a centralized platform, ensuring a comprehensive repository of information readily accessible for showcasing compliance.

# 8

Promote Accountability

By leveraging Enactia, organizations can promote accountability throughout their operations, empowering teams to take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities, ultimately fostering a culture of responsibility and trust.