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Incident & Data Breach Management

A solution designed to bolster your organization's ability to meticulously assess personal data breaches and various other incident types. Enactia not only assists in the comprehensive risk assessment of each event but also guarantees incident record keeping and timely notification to the pertinent Data Protection Authorities and other regulatory bodies. With Enactia by your side, you can uphold stringent compliance, augment data security protocols, and promote a culture of transparency and responsibility whenever incidents potentially impacting personal data arise.

Key features

We provide a centralized solution for streamlined incident management. Effortlessly record data breaches, assign tasks, pinpoint associated risks, evaluate incidents, and guarantee compliant notifications to both authorities and impacted parties. Plus, maintain comprehensive records of all essential incident details.

  • Maintaining a Detailed Repository of identified Incidents
  • Linking an incident to Related Assets and Processes
  • Regulator Notification Validation
  • Creating tickets and assigning tasks to your team members
  • Automated Notifications
  • Incident Ownership Assignment
  • Informing Data Subjects
  • Document Repository of various incident related files
  • Identifying affected partners and data controllers
  • Defining involved parties to mitigate the incident
  • Internal Reporting
  • Building your own Notifications Templates
  • Risk Management
  • Regulator / Data Protection Authority Notification History

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