Enactia is the first prize winner of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Digital Championship award 2019-2020 in Cyprus!

The Digital Champion competition of each EU Member State undertook initiatives to promote the benefits of the development and use of information and communication technologies and the acquisition of digital skills. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry Dr Stelios Himonas has been appointed as Digital Champion for Cyprus.

The Digital Championship (DC) competition was carried out under the auspices of the Cyprus Digital Champion. DC is a digital innovation competition aiming to promote digital innovation as well as to encourage innovation to pupils, students and SMEs. The Projects that have been submitted to the competition fell under one of the following categories:

- Using technology to solve social problems and / or improve citizens' quality of life (eg. addressing social, cultural or environmental issues).

- Focusing on the design and development of innovative digital products and services that are in line with the priorities of the Digital Agenda (eg. eCommerce, FinTech, e-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, e-Governance, e-Health, etc.).

- The competition aimed to promote new trends in the global industry, through special awards in specific categories of technologies which are not so widespread in Cyprus.

The scope of the Digital Championship varied according to the category of participants but a common parameter was the familiarization of the participants with the Digital Agenda and the development of an innovative model or functional prototype or digital product or service.



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