Enhance Compliance, Streamline Requests

Data Subject / Consumer Requests

Assisting your Organization in efficiently handling Data Subject / Consumer requests. Enactia ensures timely responses by sending notifications as deadlines approach and offers customizable email templates for various communication needs. With Enactia, users can categorize requests by type for better clarity and create accounts for different departments, enabling smoother collaboration when gathering required information. Furthermore, the Data Protection team can oversee all requests, extend response times, and receive notifications for any revised deadlines, ensuring compliance and timely communication.

Key features

Keeping track of data subject/consumer requests that come into your Organization. A number of key features of the Data Subject/Consumer Request tool include:

  • Monitoring and Management via the Enactia's DSR Tracker
  • DSR Respond Email Templates
  • Multiuser & Access Control
  • Timely Response and Notifications
  • Risk Assessment
  • ID Verification documents maintenance and Storage
  • Ticketing and Tasks link to DSRs
  • Recognise and Categorise DSRs based on their type and on multiple Privacy Laws
  • Evidence Management and Mapping
  • Never miss a deadline
  • DSR Retention Control

Module Highlights

Designed by experts in the field of Cybersecurity and Data Protection Governance

Plethora of Cybersecurity and Data Protection Frameworks and Regulations

Measure and Monitor your Compliance

GDPR, PDPL, PIDEDA, CCPA, DIFC, ADFG, UAE, Singapore, India DPDP Law, NIST, ISO 27001, and many more...