When it comes to the internet and data privacy, the DPO is that critical liaison to establish best practices in an ever-changing landscape. Since the EU’s adoption of GDPR, demand for DPOs has been steadily increasing. In order to cover all GDPR article requirements and provide 100% compliance, demands juggling with hundreds of microtasks and processes.

That's where software comes into play. We have tried and researched all the available options in the market and Enactia was a clear choice from the perspective that it provided all the essential privacy tools. Keep in mind that we don't just provide DPO services for our organization, but for hundreds of other businesses. It was impossible to keep up without a tool that not only would increase efficiency, but also be the driving force that assures compliance with the GDPR directive.

Anna Papaonisifou
Data Protection Officer
Grant Thornton Cyprus

We run a business with about 18 stores all around Cyprus. We have about many birthday parties per year in our facilities and we in general collect personal data. We choose to perform our privacy management obligations in-house but for that we needed a tool that would provide assurance and help us maintain GDPR compliance effortlessly. Enactia provides an arsenal of tools that guide you through every article. We never worry that we omitted GDPR obligations. The process was simple for us, we did the trial and the product started delivering value to our organization.

Demetris Archaios
McDonalds Cyprus

Compliance & transparency is key to our line of business. Having to deal with hundreds of privacy management tasks make the organization prone to error. We cannot afford risking our reputation due to the human factor error. When we first heard about the GDPR directive we decided to scout the internet and evaluate different options. Because we onboard hundreds of customers frequently, we wanted a tool that would help us streamline the onboarding process. With Enactia, spreadsheets and attachments of sensitive data are out of our workflow and we maintain a transparent business when it comes to privacy. Last, we feel that as far as personal data is concerned, the awareness across the business has increased immensely and this is something that we had not foreseen. It was one of those pleasant surprises that reassures we chose the right path.

Georgia Papa
Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm



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