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Risk assessments are key to GDPR compliance

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Risk Assessment 

risk assessment

What is a risk assessment? A risk evaluation is the method by which risks and weaknesses are identified, analyzed and evaluated. Risk assessments are critical for detecting ways in which cyber criminals and employees could compromise confidential information in an information security context. The best practices for information security risk assessments are outlined in ISO 27001, the international standard for an ISMS (information security management system). 

The Norm instructs organizations to identify any place where an entity holds confidential data and how it may be compromised. The company will then allocate a score to rising risk based on the probability of the hazard and whether it would be damaging. Risk evaluation findings decide how the organisation's security measures will proceed. Threats with the highest ranking, for example, are organizational targets which need to be tackled immediately, whereas those with lower risks can usually be tolerated.

Risk assessments are a key feature of GDPR


How risk assessments help you attain compliance with GDPR? Organizations need to incorporate technological and organisational measures to ensure a risk-appropriate level of protection. Following the process of ISO 27001 will help you find the most suitable risk reduction solutions and ensure you fulfill the criteria of the GDPR to:

  • Protect the confidentiality, availability, integrity and robustness of processing systems and services
  • Rapidly restore access to and availability of personal data after data breach 
  • The effectiveness of technological and organizational interventions to safeguard data protection is routinely checked

People, methods and technologies (ISO27001)

ISO 27001

An ISMS compliant with ISO27001 offers a comprehensive strategy to information security which provides safety at three levels: individuals, processes, and technology.This means that organizations are prepared to fight to protect themselves whether risks arise from neglectful or deceitful employees, ineffective procedures, malware and system vulnerabilities.

Supported by senior leadership, the ISMS ISO 27001-compliant is embedded into the organization's philosophy and policy and is regularly tracked, revised and tested. The whole continuous improvement process means that companies are prepared for developments in the cyber threat environment and within the enterprise. After all, the most common methods of attack by cyber criminals are still changing, so improvements in the way your company operates that expose you to vulnerabilities.

Risk assessments made easy with Enactia

Carrying out a risk assessment is a difficult job and errors could affect the organization's long-term protection. For this reason, using Enactia's A.I. Cloud Software will help you. Enactia can help you create a custom privacy assessment to fit the workflow of your organization. Data privacy specialists from Enactia will guide you to build a custom application assessment.

Software’s tools are:
  • User friendly. The method is as simple as choosing choices and clicking on a couple of keys.
  • Can produce audit reports. Documents such as the Applicability Statement and the Risk Management Plan may be published, updated and circulated around the organization and with auditors. 
  • Built to repeatability. The assessment process is implemented year after year, continuously (or if circumstances change). 
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