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Welcome to the Enactia Certification Program, where participants delve into data protection compliance through Enactia GRC. This transformative workshop equips candidates with expertise in navigating and implementing data protection regulatory protocols. Upon completion and a practical examination, participants earn the Enactia Certified Privacy Practitioner (ECPP) Certification, showcasing their proficiency in Enactia GRC and commitment to data protection excellence.

Introducing ECPP Certification

Enactia Certified Privacy Practitioner (ECPP)

This certification is designed to provide professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to effectively manage and monitor data protection compliance for their organizations using Enactia.

The process of certification is divided into two parts. By completing the Enactia Certified Privacy Practitioner Certification (ECPP), professionals will gain valuable insights and practical skills to ensure that their organizations are compliant with data protection laws and regulations. This certification will also enhance their career opportunities and increase their professional credibility in the data protection compliance field.

Part A - Workshop

Part A - Workshop

The first part is a workshop that covers various aspects of data protection compliance, such as monitoring compliance with data protection and other laws, accessing Enactia, and setting up the company's structure, Enactia permissions, and risk scoring methodology. Additionally, the workshop includes performing DPIA pre-assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to processing activities and assets, maintaining a record of data breaches and incidents, and initiating data protection authority notification reporting. The workshop also covers managing data subject requests and coordinating the efforts for addressing the request, monitoring risks through Enactia's risk management module, maintaining a detailed vendor/third-party register, performing vendor risk assessments through Enactia, and monitoring data transfers. Furthermore, participants will learn about Enactia's document repository and evidence management, monitoring tickets and tasks, raising awareness, and training.

Part B - Examination

Part B - Examination

Includes access to Enactia Instance for the period of 2 months. The second part of the certification involves an exam that is taken on a Learning & Examination platform. This exam includes answering questions on the topics covered during the workshop, and participants are allowed to refer to their study materials while taking the exam. The purpose of the exam is to assess the participants' knowledge and practical skills in managing and monitoring data protection compliance using Enactia. During the exam, participants will also have to work on Enactia as requested since it is required to demonstrate your knowledge through practice. Additionally, participants will be granted access to Enactia Private Instance for two months. Once the exam is completed, the participant's Private Enactia Instance will be deactivated.

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