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Welcome to the Enactia Partner Program, an exclusive opportunity for Certified Partners and Value Added Distributors to elevate their business by offering the Enactia Solution to their esteemed clients. In this dynamic landscape, collaboration is key, and our program is tailored to accommodate a diverse range of partners, including managed service providers, consultants, technology companies, and law firms. As a member of our Partner Program, you gain access to a suite of benefits and resources designed to enhance your offerings and drive mutual success. Below, we outline several collaboration avenues through which we can work together to deliver unparalleled value to your clients and amplify your business impact.

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through strategic partnerships

The Enactia Partner Program enables selected Certified Partners, MSPs or Value Added Distributors to promote Enactia Solution to their respective customers. There are a few ways where we can work together, some are listed below



As a Partner of our company, you will play a critical role in helping us reach new markets and expand our customer base. Your primary duties will include promoting our products and services to potential customers, providing technical support and training, and helping to close sales. In return, you will receive a commission on all sales that you generate, as well as access to marketing materials and training resources to support your efforts.

Value-Added Distributor

Value-Added Distributor

As a Value Added Distributor, you will assume an expanded role in representing our company and its products. Beyond promoting our products and services to prospective customers, you will be tasked with offering pre-sales support, encompassing product demonstrations and technical assessments. Additionally, you will play a crucial part in post-sales support, including training and technical assistance. In exchange, you will earn a higher commission on all sales and gain access to a broader array of resources and support, enhancing your chances of success in your role.

MSPs & Resellers

MSPs & Resellers

If your company offers services in the areas of Data Protection, Cybersecurity, or Governance, Risk, and Compliance to external entities, Enactia can prove advantageous for both you and your ultimate clients. Utilizing Enactia allows you to enhance your services, enabling efficient support for your end clients and achieving optimal quality.

Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals

A direct referral partner is awarded commission payout according to the total active number of user license subscriptions referred to the Enactia Platform. Direct Referrals are tracked with a discount code for your referred clients.

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Enactia GRC pioneers a new era of impact through powerful partnerships, driving business excellence while fostering positive change in society. Join us in the journey of collaborative innovation, where shared values and collective efforts propel businesses and communities toward sustainable success.